Automotive Warranty

What does a warranty cover in terms of leather items in an interior? With the Leather Guard system you get full cover for your vehicle interior.

  • Stains
  • Drink Spills
  • Colour Loss
  • Jean Dye Transfer
  • Newspaper Ink Transfer
  • Make-Up
  • Oil
  • Sun Damage

Within your interior we cover these items with the leather Automotive Warranty care plan.

  • Seats
  • Door cards
  • Steering Wheel
  • Gear Sticks
  • Handbrakes
  • Roof Lining ( if leather)

We work directly with the automotive manufacturers and car dealerships around the world providing a full 5 year leather automotive warranty plan to protect your new or used vehicles leather interior.

Accidents do happen and with our automotive warranty plan your covered from the moment you purchase your new vehicle.

So you know you have peace of mind that if an accident happened your covered and you can get your item repaired once again to a condition as good as new.

The leather guard protection plan covers you against accidents. That means an un-foreseen, one off incident like spills that causes a stain is covered, or anything else that could happen like UV colour loss. 

We do not cover your leather from slowly getting dirty over a period of time, care has to be taken to help protect your leather. Day to day soiling is not covered nor is neglect.

You can purchase care products from our main web site to continue protecting your leather interior for all Care Products

All warranty claims are dealt with quickly and easily by calling our warranty claim line 01482 235265.

We have one of the largest networks of technicians in Europe furthermore you have peace of mind knowing they are all industry approved and trained directly by us in house on all aspects of repairs to all leather items.

All our products are eco friendly and are all hand made in the UK by the Leather Repair Company an industry leading automotive leather care specialist, who are an award winning company.