Handbag Protection - 5 years!

Handbag Protection - 5 years!

Robornes is a name that instils quality. We work with some of the very best brand names around the world.

Guaranteed for 5 years - Free repairs if stains become too much!

Robornes leather protection isn't limited to one market sector. We deal with cars, fashion, super yachts, furniture any many more high end, luxury items.

Handbags are no different. Whether you have a Hermes or a Chanel. It would be a shame for it to gather any stains.

Protect your fashion accessories with Robornes 5 year leather care plan.

Our Handbag protection service is one of the finest in the world. We've worked extremely hard to bring this quality to you. 

We won't go into the technical details, lets be honest - you don't really want to hear all the science behind it. You simply want to know if it will protect you from x, y, and z! 

Using Robornes, you can be sure it will offer a great deal of leather protection and help stop stains.

Protection against:

  • Food
  • Grease
  • Drink Spills
  • Sun Faded Colourloss
  • Ink
  • Stains
  • Dirt

If in the rare occasions, the power of a stain is too much for Robornes. Don't worry! You're covered with us. We will arrange to repair your handbag providing you are under the 5 year guarantee of Robornes Leather Protection.

For more information, give us a call on: 01482 235 265