Luxury Watch Care Kit

Luxury Watch Care Kit

We developed a luxury watch care kit to protect and preserve your timepieces.

This is a nano coating system that coats the watch face and waterproofs the watch glass front, so you don't have to worry about being out in the rain.

The nano coating can also be applied to the metal strap preventing rain from staining your luxury timepieces, keeping them in great shape at all times.

The technology behind these are so advanced, its superior in quality and protection compared to others around today.

The nano coating has smart silis technology coating items preventing water damage and helps to prevent scratching on the surface.

Leather straps can also be coated with the leather nano coating, helping to stop body oils and grease attacking your beautiful luxury leather watch straps.

The leather protection coating forms a synergistic barrier which becomes an integral part of the leather hide itself.

Body oils and grease start to attack your leather from the moment your purchase it, so its imperative your protect your leather items instantly on purchase.

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