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        Guinness Detailing Brush

        Guinness Detailers Brushes Our world famous Guinness detailing brushes. Soft bristles, no metal, plastic body so won't scratch your vehicle. Fantastic for cleaning vents and interior components and dash trims dials, around...

        Machine Pad Cleaning Brush

        Machine Pad Cleaning Brush.  A great cleaning brush for machine polisher pads. Helps to remove old dried up polish making pads last longer. Can also be used to clean plastics inside...

        Small Microfibre Cloth

        Small Microfibre Polish Cloth. Fantastic quality microfibres, great for taking off polish or for cleaning an interior trim. Works on all types of waxes, and liquid sealants and quick details. An assortment...

        Red Top Detailing Brushes

        Red Top Detailing Brushes Our world famous detailing brushes. Soft bristles, no metal, plastic body so won't scratch your vehicle.  Fantastic for cleaning around lines on cars when doing pre-washes or washing...

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        Fabric Cleaner

        Deep cleaning fabric cleaner and enhancer, perfect for soft top roofs as well Deep cleans Fabric cleaner Soft top roofs Handbags linings The fabric cleaner was designed to produce a first...

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        Simply Dashing Interior Plastic Cleaner

          Simply Dashing Interior Plastic Cleaner. Deep cleaning dashboard cleaner and enhancer, perfect for all interior plastics. Deep cleans Dashboard cleaner Perfect for all plastics Works on plastic mats The dashboard...

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        Wiggle Wash Mitt

        Wiggle Wash Mitt Orange   Fantastic results when washing vehicles, can also be used around the home. Gets deep down dirt and grime removed quickly and easily. When washing helps polish...

        Bug Off Insect Remover

        Bug Off Insect Remover   This 100% genuine leather ball is perfect to remove bugs on windscreens of the front of the car. Make sure its wet before use and gently...

        Large Blue Soft Microfibre Cloth

        Large Blue Soft Microfibre Polishing Cloth Large soft blue microfibre cloth. This super-size microfibre is perfect for those bigger jobs. Fantastic for the buffing of a ceramic coating or for hand waxes or...

        Carpet Cleaning Brush

        Carpet or Soft top Cleaning Brush    Fantastic carpet and soft top cleaning brush. Designed to grip easily and for deep cleaning fabrics and soft tops.  Colours may vary.

        Round Tyre Dressing Sponge

        Round Tyre Dressing Sponge. Fantastic round tyre dressing sponge with a built-in rib to act as a handle to hold the sponge. Also great as a wax applicator pad.  

        Crescent Tyre Dressing Sponge

        Crescent Tyre Dressing Sponge. With a built-in perfect grab handle making the application much quicker and easier. Ergonomic shape, perfect for the sidewalls of tyres.