Leather Jacket Warranty


What you don’t get advised the day you purchase your leather item is it should be conditioned & protected at once. Having a structured Leather Jacket Warranty to keep your leather jackets in perfect condition is essential.

This should be the first thing you do as soon as you take delivery of your new leather jacket, handbag, furniture, car interior or other item of leather.

Along with our leather care plan for leather jackets, we also provide a stain cover plan, to keep all your designer leather jackets in perfect shape and stain free.

With our Leather Jacket Warranty stain cover plan, you can have your jackets  cleaned and protected for free, then when you stain your jacket, we repair it free of charge.

Its a very popular service, we deal with thousands  of jackets each year under our warranty system, keeping jackets cleaner longer and stain free, we will even restore the jacket free of charge if the stains are that severe and they wont come out fully.

The Leather Care Warranty we have created will help keep your leather in perfect condition if you follow our leather care plan.

With the Leather Guard system applied to your leather jackets, they can be stain free for five years and this coating can last even longer if the correct care instructions are followed and stuck to.