TERMS (5 Year Leather Guard Warranty)
Terms and Conditions For All Warranty Claims
Us: – Is Robornes Protection – Robornes Limited
You, Your:- is the client who is making the claim.
Welcome to Your Robornes Protection ® Protection Warranty, which helps You enjoy Your leather without fear.

12 Monthly Inspection.
To continue to have a valid guarantee you must visit the Robornes Authorised Surface Protection Expert who applied the coating originally, this must be done every 12 months to keep your five-year guarantee valid – if you have changed your address please email sales@robornes.com so we can advise you of the nearest Authorised Surface Protection expert. To enable them to inspect your vehicle’s finish and give you advice on the maintenance of the paintwork. All inspections are free of charge, arranged at a time to fit you and your daily life. Inspections do not cover any cleaning or valeting, your vehicle should be clean to enable this inspection to be carried out correctly due to the use of digital devices and Surface Protection Experts need to feel the leather with their hands.
Leather must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis using the products supplied and recommended. This ensures the protection stays effective for the duration of your warranty.

This is a warranty contract between You and Robornes Protection located at Unit 22, Argyle Street Factory Estate, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 1HD, a division of Robornes Limited.
Please read all the terms and conditions below so You’ll know exactly what this Warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover, as there are some limits, conditions, obligations, and exclusions in the terms designed to keep this Warranty affordable for You and manageable for Us.
This Warranty does not replace your insurance or a maintenance plan, we do offer maintenance plans if you wish to take on of these out.
Read this entire Warranty carefully to see if a stain or damage to Your Leather is covered under this Warranty. We determine the coverage eligibility of a stain or damage to Your Leather on the basis of this Warranty document, the information You provide to Us when You submit Your claim and, in some cases, the findings of an authorised technician during a service visit We arrange.
For a claim to be valid the correct claim form must be completed online and the terms adhered to correctly.
The Robornes Protection warranty only covers repairs and does not cover you for having your item replaced in shape or form and we are no held liable for items to be replaced only repaired. Similarly, if an authorised technician finds the nature of the stain or damage is different from what You reported to Us, Your claim might not be covered under this Warranty.
We cover you under our stain cover warranty system for the following.
Items not covered by the warranty terms can be repaired but come with a £175 excess.
Within (48) hours of the date that a stain or damage to Your Leather occurred, You must report that stain or damage to Us. To report the stain or damage to Us and obtain a claim form, You may either: (a) go to Making A Claim and follow the directions for submitting a claim; or (b) Call us 01482 235265 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and We will mail or email a claim form to You. If You fail to receive a claim form by mail or email from Us within 2 days of Your request for a claim form, You must notify Us of that failure.
Robornes Protections aim is to resolve all claims with 21 days maximum of it first being reported, we will also telephone and make an appoint to visit within 24 maximum of the claim being filed.
For a claim to be valid Robornes Protection must be applied by an authorised dealer or reseller and original documents filed with Robornes Protection

Below is a selection of some of the types of stains we will remove as follows and is covered under our warranty.

Dye transfer from denim jeans.
Pen and ink stains.
Drink spills, alcohol drinks and fizzy pops.
Coffee and tea stains.
Staining from food.
Oil and grease.
Newspaper print.
Makeup / cosmetic stains.
Body oils and fluids and from humans and animals.
UV rays / Sun damaged.
Dye transfer from jackets.
Dye transfer from dresses.

What we don’t cover you for on our stain cover warranty:

Damage caused by neglect of your item
The cover is non-transferable.
General repair and maintenance.
Removal of odours.
Stains caused by rain, sleet or snow.
We will only permit three claims per 12 month period of cover that is in force.
Failure to comply with the manufacturer's guidelines on care and maintenance
If cover lapses and a stain happens after the cover period has expired.
Non-payment of premiums and or finance.
Handbags going stiff or brittle in the event of stains causing this to happen.
We don’t pay compensation for your items in the event that a stain cannot be removed.
We don’t cover your items if you have already made a claim under any other insurance policy.
Changes in colour no matter how they have happened even if it’s the stain that’s caused the colour to change.
If your item is lost or stolen and occurs damage during that period.
We don’t offer replacement items if stains are not removable.
Leather damage caused by sharp or blunt objects which scratch, scuff or tear the leather.
The stitching area of leather.
Damage caused by paint or industrial oil spillages.
Improper Maintenance, Care, or Misuse It is Your responsibility to take proper care of the Leather and to clean it by methods recommended by the manufacturer.

Stains or damage caused by:
Failure to care for and maintain the leather according to the manufacturer’s warranty.
Use of your item for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.
Cleaning methods other than those recommended by the manufacturer. This includes colour loss or colour change.
Colour change that is natural with handbags, jackets, fashion goods and accessories.
For a list of leather types and definitions covered by this Plan, visit Robornes Protection leather types.
Stains or damage caused by animals (beaks, teeth, and claws), except stains caused by a specific incident of pet bodily fluids. However, repeated incidents of bodily fluid stains are considered non-accidental occurrences and are not covered under this Plan.
Leather goods that show signs of infestation by insects, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, or other vermin.
Stains or damage caused by or resulting in, mould or mildew.
Stains or damage caused by (a) intentional acts or (b) non-accidental acts or omissions which, in our sole discretion, are determined to have been reasonably preventable and are severe, excessive, extreme, or repetitious in nature, such as, but not limited to, cuts, rips, teething marks, tears, ink, paint, crayon, marker, or pencil damage.
Leather that is or has been used for business, commercial, institutional, or rental purposes, including but not limited to, Furniture used for a daycare centre or Furniture used in premises rented to others, regardless of the length of the rental period, Automotive vehicles used for hire or reward, but not limited to, taxis, limousines, private hire. Aviation used for hire or reward, marine items used for hire or reward.
Damage caused by third party equipment e.g baby seat protective mats
Vinyl parts are not covered.