Correction Detailing

Paint Correction Detailing – for major car paint defects & swirls

“Correction Detailing”

From £650 – 2+ days booking

The Paint Correction Detailing process will take a minimum of 16+ hours depending on size and car condition, to several days to fully complete.

Designed to correct major car paint defects the Paint Correction Detailing is perfect for vehicles requiring car maintenance and have deep swirl marks and paintwork scratches, as can be seen in the above images.

Firstly, there’s car shampoo’s and then there’s a pH neutral car shampoo that we will only use to ensure your paintwork is pampered to perfection and 100% merino wool wash mitts, all wash mitts are hand crafted in house to ensure we use the finest grades possible.

This initial process removes all traces of loose dirt and grime. The car wheels, wheel arches, panel gaps, door shuts and badges are cleaned with car detailing natural soft brushes.

During an Enhancement Detail your car paintwork will be decontaminated using a specialist clay bar leaving a perfectly smooth finish and free of all bonded contaminants, like tar, tree sap, railroad and industrial fallout.

After being hand dried with plush car towels we then use specialist blow drying equipment to remove all residues of water from all areas, the vehicle is then ready for inspection using a paint thickness gauge and electronic microscopes.

It is then polished in a 3 stage process using a Rotary Machine Polisher and DA Machine Polisher, matched to the condition of the paintwork.

The paint is then cleansed and High Grade Carnauba Wax by hand the wax is melted in the palm of your hands and applied with your bare hands ensuring every inch is covered and the High Grade Carnauba are bonded correctly to the paintwork or paint sealant is applied and then High Grade Carnauba waxes are applied.

Any aluminium or chrome is then cleaned, polished and protected, wheels are sealed and protected and car tyres, exterior plastic or rubber trim are cleaned and protected, including all wheel arches.