Lexus Detailing

East Yorkshire Premier Lexus Detailing Company in Hull.

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Robornes provide a large range of Lexus Detailing requirements from a simple top up detail, to the full works, swirl removal, scratch removal and paint decontamination.

With paint correction our aim is to make sure your paint looks better than when it was new, by removing as many defects as we possibly can and enhancing the depth of gloss and shine, bringing your paint to life.

Paint correction is not a quick process it can take days to get correct, constantly measuring the paints depth and temperature to ensure we are working at the ultimate conditions at all times to achieve the levels of perfection we strive for.

When detailing we always check as often as possible to ensure all swirls have been removed using special sun lamps providing the most intense brightness to enable us to perfect all swirls and scratches.

We only use the finest products on all our Lexus Detailing jobs along wit the best machines, tools and equipment possible to ensure we deliver perfection at all times without compromise.

We don’t have just one for cutting / polishing paint we have invested many thousands in state of the art machines to ensure we can deliver what we promise.

With all detailing we use range of products and machines that work for each individual job at the time, we even use microscopes to view and monitor scratches and swirls in paintwork enabling us to remove the swirls perfectly every time.

One of our machines in action this is the Rupes, we have many machines like this from a flex to festool as well, to the old fashioned rotary and PC.

When we achieve what we believe is as near as perfection as you can possibly get then and only then are we happy and we proceed to the next level in the detailing process, after this it’s when we start top build shine and even more clarity to the paintwork.

If you want to keep your Lexus looking perfect at all times then we are the detailing company for you based in the heart of Hull with car parking for over 20 vehicles within our own secure yard.

With many levels of Lexus detailing being available the choice is yours, we can go through a complete consultation process with you and your car to ensure the best levels of protection and correction are picked for you, email or tel 01482 235265 the Lexus Detailing Experts in Hull.